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Euro coins isolated on white"The Boy Wonder Coding Genius Who Grew Up To Unlock A
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I want to introduce you to a young man who could make
you extremely wealthy.

His name is Nicola Delic and he was a full time coder
at age 13. Working even on top-secret web sites.

That's no surprise because at a far younger age than
that he was competing in, and winning, advanced
mathematics competitions.

At age 17 he started trading. He now manages a highly
successful hedge fund trading in excess of ten million
dollars per month.

Today he wants to share even more of the secrets that
have allowed him to make himself, and his clients, many

And he is going to give you these secrets at zero cost
or obligation. They are a gift…

You can see the entire suite of systems, indicators and
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Today he has yet another brilliant strategy to give you
that could make you some money before you go to bed

It's called the Double Helix System.

It's just one of the proven cash makers Nicola is
giving away.

"This is a system that I developed and traded on a
wide variety of accounts and it has proven to be a
genuinely profitable trading system capable of
delivering spectacular returns.

It uses 2 EMAs and 2 RSI indicators, to get very
reliable confirmations for entries. This system is easy
to use and implement, so it will be suitable for both
beginners and experts in Forex trading since it's very
reliable and most importantly, consistent. It can be
used on any currency pair or timeframe and as long as
you follow the rules, you should gain profits." Nicola.

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If you missed them you can also download the Fib Cash
Compass system and the Dark Numbers Report on the same

You won't want to miss any of these gratis gifts from
Nicola because they are already making people some

Nic, Thank you. I have made my first 81 pips today on
15 M DAX.

Hello Nicola, Let me first thank you for sharing the
FIB Cash Compass. It is very interesting and has
convinced me to take a more structure look at the
application of fibs. in my daily trading routine.
Personally I have always founds fibs. too subjective
and a pain to apply to the chart since there are so
many interpretation as to how it can be used . Your
system makes the analysis so much more easy and
informative. Genius!! I feel like my trading has
experienced a second birth. Applied it today and got an
easy 50 pips on the USDCHF Thanks again.

"I tested it in my trading platform and the result is
AMAZING. This is my dream trading indicator software. I
made $1,750.00 on USD/CHF. M15 trading. This made me
Happy. COMPASS is a real money making deal software,
and I'll try it in other time frame to learn more. I
sincerely appreciate your gift."

These powerful strategies and systems are working for
people literally overnight. Making them cash the first
time they use them.

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All the best

Gerald Youmans

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